Teaching X-ray and CT physics to

Radiologic Technologists

Our focus here at How Radiology Works is on the Physics behind X-ray and CT imaging to help you on your Rad journey

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Who is this blog for? 

The videos and blog posts are targeted towards Radiologic Technologist/Radiographers and students in training.

This is for Technologists and students who want a fun way to really understand the physics behind the scanners.

Who is this blog not for? 

This is NOT for Radiologists as they know everything already.

Also if you are a Radiologic Technologist just looking to do the bare minimum to get by this probably isn’t the best fit either.

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Rad Newbie

For many students the physics section is the most challenging. If you are new to Radiology consider How Radiology Works an introduction to physics concepts in x-ray and CT. Learning about the physics of Radiology early will help you feel more confident when you cover the material in school.

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Rad Student

If you are studying for the x-ray Radiography ARRT certification exam we have content covering important learning objectives identified by the ARRT. Repeated exposure (pun intended) to this material is great preparation to help you understand key concepts so you can ace your exam.

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Rad Techspert

If you are a seasoned certified technologist we are here for you to brush up on important concepts and to provide teaching material that you can share with new technologists whom you are mentoring as they grow in their career.

We do plan to offer CE credits in the future. ​

Recent Articles on X-ray Physics

Click the links below to learn more about these areas of X-ray Physics or see the full list of articles for each area at: X-ray, CT, Radiation Dose or History .

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Technologists’ View

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Lead Instructor

I am here to help you on your journey to be a be a RAD Hero. As a technologist you can improve the care for your patients with the help of RAD Physics. In order to help you on your RAD journey we started How Radiology Works(see About for details). I am using the knowledge from 20 years experience in x-ray and CT Imaging teach you best. I received my PhD from the Medical School at UW Madison. Currently I am an Adjunct Asst. Prof. at UW Madison and a Principal Scientist at GE Healthcare.

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